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Luck does not exist; what you call luck is attention to details.

(Winston Churchill, 1874-1965)


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These four words are at the heart of our action.


While keeping our independence and firmly obeying the law and the rules and usance of the Vaud Bar, we consider that it is our duty to be transparent. Transparent with respect to the legal means used to defend your interests, transparent as regards the chances of success of a legal action, transparent about the risks and the costs.

Our clients do not consult us to take a law lesson. They have a question, a concern, an issue. Our task is to bring them a solution as efficiently as possible. If we consider that we are not able to handle a mandate, it is very easy: we shall refuse it and we will revert you to a colleague more able to provide you with the service that you need.


Contrary to a common belief, the legal profession requires a lot of creativity. We believe to be in a position to bring you this inventiveness that is needed to allow you to reach your goals.


Last but not least, we do not forget that you rightfully expect to get a solution. We do all we can to obtain it for you.